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Welcome to Yum Tum Bhojana!!

I’m Rohini Ramanathan, basically from Chennai, Tamil Nadu moved to US after marriage. I’m a wife, mother of two cute little girls, crafter, author and photographer of this blog. I started developing a passion towards cooking when I was in my Sixth Grade. I still remember the first rasam I made for my family when I was 11 years old. The dhal was half-cooked, but the taste was amazing 😊 as the saying goes “Failure is the stepping stone to success”, I took this failure in a positive way and started to learn cooking from my mom, grandma and aunt. I used to assist my mom during the weekend’s and slowly started learning our traditional South Indian Recipes that we prepare on daily basis. When I was mature enough to handle cooking alone I started preparing North Indian Cuisine as well by following the recipe from the book “100 kuruma/masala vagaigal” by Mallika Badrinath.

All of sudden I developed a love towards “Food Photography” and this love lead me in to creating a blog. This blog is mainly focused on all the recipes I learnt from my mom, mom in law and other fellow bloggers, also this blog would be the reference material for my daughter when she gets in to the kitchen!!

I’ll be sharing recipes of both Indian and International Cuisine adapted to Vegetarian Cooking style and our families taste buds. I’m not a sweet tooth person, for that reason or so I’m not so good at preparing sweets 😉 so, I’ll try to share sweets recipes as I learn in the upcoming days.

I dedicate this blog to my daughter’s Spoorthi Muralikrishnan  & Smrti Muralikrishnan😊

Feedback and comments are appreciated!!

 If you have any queries shoot me an email @ yumtumbhojana@gmail.com

Cook/Eat/Stay – Healthy!

Happy Cooking!!

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