Kashmiri Pulao

Kashmiri Pulao

Prep Time: 10 mins | Soaking Time: 30 mins | Cook Time: 15 mins | Serves: 2

Kashmiri Pulao


Basmathi Rice – 1 cup
Onion – 1 thinly sliced
Chopped Pineapple – 1/4 cup
Almonds/Badam – 1 tbsp sliced
Cashew nuts – 1 tbsp sliced
Raisin – 1 tbsp
Dried Cranberry – 1 tbsp
Cilantro – 1 tbsp finely chopped
Oil – 2 tbsp
Ghee – 1 tbsp
Salt – as needed
Water – 1.5 – 2 cups


  1. Wash and Soak 1 cup rice in 2 cups water for 30 minutes.
  2. Heat oil in a pressure cooker, add half of thinly sliced onion and let it caramelize (golden brown).
  3. Drain the rice and preserve the water.
  4. Add soaked rice to the cooker along with onion. Fry it for a min.
  5. Add the preserved water and salt.
  6. Pressure cook for 2 whistles. Let the pressure release naturally.
  7. Once the pressure is released, gently fluff up the rice with a fork.
  8. Heat oil in a pan, add the remaining onion and fry until its golden brown.
  9. Add sliced almonds, cashew nuts and fry until golden color. Now add raisins, cranberry and saute for a minute. Pour it to the cooked rice and mix well.
  10. In the same pan add the chopped pineapple pieces and saute for 2 – 3 minutes. Once done add it to the cooked rice and mix it well.
  11. Finally garnish with coriander leaves and a table spoon of ghee.
  12. Serve hot with a raita of your choice.
Kashmiri Pulao Closeup

You can also serve it with any paneer dishes also. This rice recipe is mildly sweet so you can pair it with any spicy gravy of your choice if you like to spice it up 🙂

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  1. You can also add chopped apples, pomegranate, dates and walnuts in addition to the above mentioned dry fruits.

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